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We all want to be loved.

While some choose to be patient and wait for love to find them, others choose to take matters into their own hands and go out and find love. If you happen to reside or have ever visited New York, then you know that the streets and trains are full of panhandler's.
If you're not too familiar with the term, a panhandler is someone who begs for either money, food or both. It's not everyday you see a woman panhandling for love, but it happened. With Valentine's Day still fresh, you can pretty expect anything to take place -- especially in NYC.
Thirty-four year old Jana Schmieding, decided she would throw on some makeup, hop on the train and look for someone to call her own. As anyone would probably be, Schmieding was terrified. She put her pride to the side and made it do, what it do. As a comedian for a living, it couldn't be that bad and much to her surprise, it wasn't. Schmieding spoke with Cosmopolitan saying :
"My palms were sweating all week because when I thought about the actual reality of trying to panhandle for a date on the subway, I realized that I might actually get a date,"Schmieding said. "Or that I might piss people off on their commute. I'll tell you one thing: thank you to the moms, grandmas and adult women of NYC who were the first people to engage with me with responses like, You're going to be fine! or I know you'll find him! Women are amazing. Very few men actually interacted with me, and I can understand why. There's probably a lot of pressure when a woman is literally begging you to hand over your number."
Interested in finding out how her pandhandling excursion went?
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Ok, to do this on a NYC subway is ballsy. I might have gone out with her because of that.
2 years ago·Reply
that would be super epic! lol @SasiaWalz
2 years ago·Reply
definitely ballsy for sure! takes a lot of guts and confidence lol @ThePervySage
2 years ago·Reply
for REAL @ThePervySage I would not have the guts to do this, so props to her for that at least
2 years ago·Reply
I definitely wouldn't have the guts either lol maybe if it were a team effort @nicolejb
2 years ago·Reply