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Have you ever started to watch a series expecting one thing, and then finding out that the show was just....totally not what was expected!

I know there's a few that were like that for me...

High School of the Dead

I don't hate this show, but I don't love it, and it wasn't what I expected. Why? Because I thought it was an anime about zombies with some boobs, but turned to be boobs with some zombies. Seriously, I don't hate ecchi but this show crossed a line for me. It gets to a point where I can't even just laugh at the absurdity, you know?

Plastic Memories

First off let me say that I LOVE THIS ANIME.
But to be honest, I kind of expected it to be a bit more scifi than it was, you know? I thought we might get into the problems of erasing their memories, and go into why the company is doing that, and get some plot, but instead....bittersweet romance. The biggest thing about it is they had this whole world that they didn't explore. Still love it, but not what I expected!


I haven't even finished this one, but I think anyone who has watched more than 50% of the show will understand. Beautiful beginning, and I thought we'd get good pacing to a beautiful ending. We did not, as far as I watched!

Madoka Magica

Because you do not get cute magical girls doing cute things. You get way, way, wayyyyyy more than that.

So, what anime wasn't what YOU expected?

Comment below ^^

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ore monogatari. I love ore monogatari, but what I expected was that they would drag on the episodes of when they would get together (the typical stories we've seen in romantic anime's)
yes throughout all the animes I've watched there have been animes that turned out completely different than what I imagined they would be or turned out to be.
@ChristinaOMalle Ohhh! I haven't watched it all yet, I'll check it out!
@AmandaJason I think we all have at least one ^^
@hikaymm its so adorable and I love Takeo and Yamato as a couple