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Omega Tyrant over on YouTube recently put up a video of Luigi winning against every DLC character without doing anything. Literally. Luigi just stands there and due to some mishaps by the CPU (the level 9 CPU by the way), Luigi ends up winning every match. And it's probably one of the more entertaining things I've watched earlier this morning.
I don't know if this is true or not -- because I'm mostly disconnected from Internet stuff -- but I feel like everyone who uses the Internet to meme it up loves Luigi. Maybe it's something about that death stare or the fact that he's taller than Mario but also a giant loser.
Or maybe it's just that we all expect him to be the biggest loser every single time. I mean, he's suddenly become the weirdest character in Smash (just go through his taunts). Maybe that's why he's so endearing to a lot of people on the Internet. I don't know.
After watching the video of Luigi winning every bout against all the DLC characters in Smash 4, I feel like Luigi has to be the luckiest character to have ever been a character in a video game. I think the best parts of these videos is where we assume that Luigi is going to lose horribly but suddenly he wins.
One particular moment that comes to mind is at the very beginning of the video when he's doing nothing against Lucas. While watching it, I didn't think that there'd be any way that Luigi would survive. But then he gets lucky, falls onto a platform underneath the main part of the stage and Lucas ends up eating it because he chased Luigi. It's easily one of the most ridiculous things I've seen happen but I got a kick out of it. Hopefully, you guys enjoy it too.
@InVinsybll ohhhhhhh yeah that makes sense馃槀
@Tayhar18920 oh shit I didn't even notice that was a moving stage. that makes sense now. I thought the camera was panning down to luigi falling but the platform was going up
wtf, that's some luck
@InVinsybll the stage moved and started to change so the stage she was on went upward while changing and killed her , that happens when ssb characters get to high馃槀I have bayonetta, ryu and cloud dlcs and they are awesome!
also, how did bayonetta just kill her own self by up-bing?
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