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Sometimes I worry and stress if I'm being a good friend. Especially when my friends are struggling, I have a hard time know what they need. With Valentines Day gone now, a lot of my friends and lonely and sad. But what do they need? Hugs? Supportive words? Idk... Different personality types have different needs. So this is what I do...
First step in this, get the people that you love and care for (AKA your friends) to take this quiz to determine what their personality is: MBTI TEST.
Alrighty, now that you know the people you support and they personality type. You can now move on and help support them better.

And here's how to do by type.

ISTP & ISTJ - Explore with them

These types love making acquaintances to share their activities with, and trying new things. So if they are struggling, it might be best to get them out and doing something they love. They will appreciate you working with them on something that interests them.

INFP & ISFP- Talk about your own emotions

INFP & ISFPs are excellent at reading into others' feelings and motivations, but are often unwilling to provide others the same insight into themselves. So it might be best (if you can tell they are struggling), to talk about yourself. It seems weird, I know, but it might be helpful for them to explain their situation through the context of your emotions!

INFJ & INTP- Give them time

From the start of a friendship, it can be a challenge to get to know INFJ and INTPs. But as time and shared experiences progress, you will learn more and more about this person. So give them time and work to get to know this person! They appreciate constant friendships, so just being there and talking will help them blossom.

INTJ & INTP -Be genuine

INTJ and INTPs typically have only a few friends, but their relationships are deep. That's why it's important to maintain this friendship with genuine interest and care. They appreciate you being yourself more than you changing yourself to make them happy. So when it comes to advice, give it just like you would. These personality types will appreciate your raw honesty.

ENFP & ENTJ -Believe in them

Sometimes when these types are struggling they lose their strong ambition and drive. So when I friend expresses that they believe that their desires and dreams are awesome, things can get back on track. Especially since these types are people-oriented, having someone on their side, helps a LOT.

ENFJ & ENTP -Listen to them

These types are no usually ones to ask for help. Even when things are rough, they can seem like everything is perfectly fine. So just taking time to ask them questions and listen to their struggles means a lot for them.

ESFP & ESTP - Be up for an adventure

Sometimes these types just need to get out of their space and out of their head to work through their problems. Encourage them to take a day off and take them on an adventure. This type needs companions who are up for both crazy nights out and analytical nights in.

Is this they type of emotional support you need?

Tag a friend so they can participate and help support you better:)
Also, if you want to be tagged in the next one. Please take the QUIZ and comment your type BELOW!
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@MaeKeyMae I sooo agree with you!!!
@buddyhollie63 lol, it's awesome.
@nicolejb, what about ISFJ's?
I didn't have any ISFJs on my list but I can include them next time!! @MaeKeyMae I'll take you in my next one!! Thanks for the support 😊😊
@nicolejb, thank you! my friend wants to know, she's the ISFJ. Lol