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It's been a pretty whirlwind weekend for me. From being alone on Valentine's Day to hearing all this news about Crash Bandicoot maybe coming back because of something that the CEO of a toy company said. I was all over the place. I was sad then I was happy and today, I am sad again because we all misinterpreted his comments.
I'm coming to realize that maybe, we should all just give it up. Say goodbye to Crash for real. I mean, so what if we all misunderstood the comments about making more Crash figures, we can't keep going on like this. You know, one thing about him maybe says he's coming back then another thing tells us he isn't. I'm sorry guys but I've got to let him go. I've got to buy to one of my oldest childhood friends.
So, in the next block, I transcribed a secret letter I wrote to Crash Bandicoot this morning.
Dear Crash Bandicoot,
We've spent so much time together, it feels like you're one of my best friends. I feel like I've known you my whole life. When I was still in Elementary School, I didn't have many friends but I was so happy when I'd come home and we'd play together. And as I got older, you started racing and doing some other things I was initially confused about but I still loved hanging out with you.
And then, one day, you just left. You disappeared. You were gone. And at first I was okay with this. Maybe you needed a break. Maybe making all those games got you tired. I don't know, but I was okay with it for a while. I was okay with not seeing you. But then you never came back, your presence is a whisper and the thought of you makes me gasp.
But I know you'll never come back, Crash. And this is why I'm writing you. I've got to say goodbye. This has to be it. I can't keep waiting for you. I know I told you I'd wait. But I can't anymore and I'm sorry. I'll always love you and I'll never forget the week we spent in Paris.
Yours Always,
Paul I. Droid
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Wow this was touching and, heart throbbing well done. :3