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ERASED - Episode 6, Still Going Strong!
We're getting to the point in this anime season where I usually start dropping shows. I'm already falling behind in watching the shows that clearly aren't interesting as much, and pretty much only keeping up with the few that I'm DIGGGGGGINNNG, one of those being ERASED!!

Possible spoilers below, k?

The Time Shifts!!

I was worried that these would happen too often, too early, but I actually love the few jumps we've had so far, and thing they've been well down to allow the story to develop and to allow us to jump back and forth without feeling overly frustrated that things were just "left hanging" on either end.

The Relationships!

Satoru and his mom. Satoru and Airi. The manager and Airi. Airi and her family. Satoru and his friends. There's just so many relationships in this show that you have to decide if you trust or not before deciding whether you like the character, and I think that all of them have been handled so well! I really can't wait to see what direction Airi's story takes, and am wondering which of Satoru's friends will become More important first.


Some people might hate the fact that we haven't been able to figure out who the killer is and we're on episode 6, but personally, if I had been already able to figure out what happened to Kayo and the other girls, I would be bored of this show. I like not knowing, because Satoru doesn't know either, and we're able to learn and work out the clues alongside him as the show goes. The mystery in this is just all so freaking fantastic, I'm TOO excited for the next episode!!

How is everyone else enjoying Erased still?

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@JosephCannon I'm planning to binge grimgar up to wear it's at soon!!
2 years ago·Reply
@sledgehammer333 I've decided to wait and read the manga after the anime this time. I think I'll enjoy them both more that way!
2 years ago·Reply
@hikaymm sounds like a good choice. I haven't watched the anime yet, but I am looking forward to it.
2 years ago·Reply
@sledgehammer333 Let me know what you think when you do!
2 years ago·Reply
@hikaymm I sure will when I get the chance. I can't wait!
2 years ago·Reply