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I FINALLLYYY got around to watching the episode of Prince of Stride: Alternative that I was so excited for before the new episode of stride comes out this week!

And boy, was it a good one...


RIGHT so we pick up with Kuga arriving, which was awesome, and such an intense moment. I'm glad they let us relive it. I love all of his wind comments, and I never actually noticed that he had a strip of black in his hair before, or did I imagine that? But yay! The stride Nana always dreamed about is back!!!
I think of all the members in the other team, Yuri was my favorite to watch. I mean, when Shiki (the relationer for the other team) was being SO horrible and really not understanding what team work is, Yuri actually turned off his mic to ignore it. On top of that, even if he didn't mean to, what he said to Hozumi before they started running actually helped Hozumi focus, which meant that they were able to win!!
That section of the race was the best, though! Because it was between two guys that have respect for each other!!
I really, really enjoyed watching the growth of Honan as a team, and the way the group is finally entering its "final form." I can't wait to see them train some more, and to finally see them against their "main" enemies again (aka Saisei), because it'll be nice to have that reoccurring enemy.
On a side note, if this were real life, that would have been "up there" in the category of "most awkward high fives." Kuga just had his hand out there a full minute!!

Get caught up on the show, and get hype to watch the new episode in the next day or two!!!

@DanielMonroe79 it's fun!!! the most recent episode kinda got a little heavy handed with the "love your teammates" message but I really am enjoying it
@DanielMonroe79 Awesome XD Let me know ^^
@hikaymm I'm with it...I got it booked marked on kissanime I'll watch it tomorrow and get back to you about it....there's nothing like talking about anime to other people that watches anime 😊
I haven't got a chance to watch it yet but it caught my eye because it was made by madhouse