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Guys never catch on.

As women we have a way of sending subliminal messages. It's our way of code speaking when we feel a certain type of way, but prefer not to speak directly on the specific topic at hand. When a woman and a guy are 'going through something' or having issues, there are certain songs we play that say the words we're too afraid to say on our own.
Ladies, back me up -- you know what I'm talking about. If she's constantly posting Beyonce lyrics and playing certain songs that have to do with love, loneliness or anything that has to do with the two -- there's definitely beef bro and she's waiting for you to catch on. Fellas, if you're clueless keep scrolling and see a few of the popular Beyonce songs women play consistently when they happen to be going through things or in a guys mind 'being dramatic'.

Song #1: Irreplaceable

Song #2: Best Thing I Never Had

Song #3: Me, Myself And I

Song #4: Jealous

Song #5: Ring The Alarm

Ladies, what Beyonce song brings you joy and empowerment when you're in the feels?

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Irreplaceable..."everything you own in the box to the left." lol I first have to give up closet and drawer space. That one was a good one though:)
2 years ago·Reply
haha, yes! def one of my fave songs and those lyrics are so classic! one thing you can definitely tell from her lyrics that she plays no games @EasternShell
2 years ago·Reply
ohh man I forgot about Me, Myself and I. Good song! though I do have to say I love her new stuff!
2 years ago·Reply
PLUS the music video for Jealous is super sexy awesome
2 years ago·Reply
Me, Myself and I will forever be a classic, but I'll agree with you her new music/videos are def on point!!!!! Vocals and image wise @nicolejb
2 years ago·Reply