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Games That Shouldn't Have Sucked: Too Human

There have been some games over the course of my life that had such amazing promise, such huge potential, that my mouth watered with simple gameplay trailers and announcement dates.
Unfortunately, these experiences turned me cynical, because too many times I've seen a game that was full of promise and potential just fall flat on it's face come announcement time.
The biggest offender in this category, for me, is the game Too Human. Too Human was an Xbox 360 exclusive about Norse mythology, combined with sci-fi futuristic elements. It was vikings and robots, basically, which meant it should have been the best thing ever.
Here's one of my favorite game journalists doing a review on Too Human from back when it came out. And he hits the nail on the head early.
It's all bad, all the time.
The problems with Too Human are many. The controls are clunky, the combat animations are slow and awkward, the environments are more or less the same thing every time, and those things are highways.
Too Human puts you in fights where it's you versus a pile of enemies and it gives you a problematic auto-lock on feature that almost never locks you on to something useful.
Plus, the death animation is unskippable and it takes FOREVER every time you die. The whole game, really, is a giant slow mess that wants to do big things with the narrative but fills all the space in the middle with shit.
The game makes you think you can reach these levels of crazy power, but it isn't true. As strong as you ever get and with whatever rare drop equipment you have, you never really feel all that strong, which is weird considering you're a Norse god.
The game had such exciting potential. And it just squatted out and spread whatever hopes we might've had all over our lovely new living room rug.
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