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Kenjummmmaaa don't cry! I know I woke you up for this but it's okay, It's a card all about you!!
Yes Kenjumma! All about you! You can be as cute and hilarious as you would like.
But we do need facts, okay? Alright lets get started huh?
Ken is a main vocalist in VIXX
Real name: Lee Jae Hwan
Birthday: April 6th, 1992
Height: 180 cm (5'10)
So we got the basics out of the way right? Now lets get to more fun facts.
Is the most outgoing and comical member, and is the mood maker of the group.
He has the ability to make people laugh where ever he goes.
He has two older brothers.
He really likes the anime character Chopper from One Piece. If given the chance he would like to cosplay as him.
If he were to be an animal, he’d choose to be a Monkey. Why? Because they’re clever.
He sleeps in a T-Shirt and also pants based off of the popular manga/anime One Piece.
If he were to dye his hair, he’d dye it green.
Sung Sikyoung told him that he’s cute, young, and can sing well.
He got his stage name “Ken” from the company representative who named him that because he resembles the Japanese actor Hirai Ken. He also thinks his personality is similar to Ken from Street Fighter.
He has his drivers license.
He loves to draw.
He was chosen by all the members as the member who has changed the most since the first time they met him.
If he were a girl, he would not go out with any of his fellow members from VIXX.
He has won multiple awards for song writing.
He has no ideal type, and is open to anyone.
He has two iPads.
If he were to go out with the girl he likes, he’d take her to go eat delicious food.
His prized possession is a “Sunny” ship model from the anime One Piece.
Favorite Foods: Instant foods and chocolate
Favorite Artists: Kimbum, Kim Hyojun, Brian McKnight, Eric Benet, Park Hyoshin
Favorite Pastries: Korean candies
Favorite Colors: Black, White
Favorite Hobbies: Drawing, watching/studying gag shows, beatboxing, dancing to other Kpop groups’ songs

Kenjumma you're so cute! You should stop. My heart can't take it
So N and I gave them something special.. So lets do the same Ken! It'll be fun!
Thank you Ken for joining us today:) I know the fans will appreciate the cute!! We love you Ken oppa!!
I love my Ken Ken 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
Omo, such a goofy F**ker! I'm going to have Ottokaji stuck in my head all night.