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Well, Valentines Day is over, and according to Facebook in 2014, people changed their relationship status within 4 Days of Valentines Day. So hopefully your relationship is pretty solidified right now.
Essentially, you are either in a relationship or you aren't. And with that comes the Exes!

Two questions:

How do you deal with your ex?

Some of my ex bfs are now really good friends with me. While others remain, well, we don't talk... And each I think is healthy for me.
Do you talk to your ex? Are you friends? Or is it best to avoid them?

How do you deal with your SO's ex?

I had a bf that was still best friends with his ex and it upset me at first, but then after talking things out I realized how platonic things were, and I really didn't have anything to worry about.
Are you chill with the ex talking to your SO? Are you friendly with them?
Tagging some friends that might be able to share:

Give your advice, and I'll make a card out of the best advice!!:)

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I'd like to be friends with my ex but I'm not confident that that's bound to happen any time soon.
2 years ago·Reply
How do I deal with my ex's? I don't.
2 years ago·Reply
totally @JordanRivera!! and it's totally ok for you to take time to yourself until it works out that you can be friends!
2 years ago·Reply
yup! that's been the plan so far. she has her support net and I have mine so that's all one could hope for I guess
2 years ago·Reply
@JordanRivera ohhh yeahhh I think that's SO important!
2 years ago·Reply