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A costume change maybe?

All right probably not pink (not after all the complaints about Gwenpool's costume... at least this one has pants?), but by now you've probably seen the movie at least twice. I wouldn't be surprised if you could quote it line by line. So... what was missing? Was there a fight you wish you'd seen? A sub-plot they should explore? A comic you really liked that you'd enjoy seeing in glorious live-action? LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS SEQUEL WE ARE FOR SURE GONNA GET. What's on your wish-list?
What do I want from a Deadpool sequel? Nothing at all lol. By that I mean I don't want the movie to have a significantly larger budget. What made the movie work is that they didn't have a budget, and that forced them to be creative. Not having a budget forced them to come up with totally new motion capture methods. I want Deadpool to remain in the gritty low budget world it made. And whoever comes in, bring them down to that level. Other than that, all I want is either Cable or Domino.
@MishiiYukiko you just read my mind about Wolverine and Deadpool meeting (and maybe having hyuna in for a role...? pretty please?)
That would be cool if Hyuna could get in on the action. I really hope they do some stuff with Wolverine and Deadpool @CreeTheOtaku
I'd like to see the conception of Deadpool's daughter, but I know that would have to wait. I'd like some Wolverine and Deadpool interaction. Those two together always give me a good laugh.
@LAVONYORK Lana... Lana... LANA!.. Laanaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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