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Green Day is my favorite band, and when this video surfaced I nearly had a conniption fit.
The concept of a bunch of intercut films is nothing new, but when it manifests in this 3 minute long punk standard, it's pretty fantastic.
The original song is an ode to lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong's battle with anxiety and panic disorder (an affliction that I deal with personally every day). It spoke to me as a young person because for some reason I couldn't figure out why I was unhappy. Feeling like a complete alien to calmness and youth, Green Day was my voice.
So when I came across this mash-up today, it brought back a lot of those memories. Discovery, anguish and straight up fun.
Some of my favorite moments are the use of actual movie rock bands. We get to see Wayne's World and Scott Pilgrim play along side of the Blues Brothers. Perfectly in time, the words of Billie Joe Armstrong and the energy of Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt fills your ears...but this time in a completely different way.
Ace Ventura, Ted the teddybear, the dudes from The Hangover, Donnie Darko, the kids from School of Rock and even Simpsons Movie Green Day exist in one place thanks to this mash-up by The Unusual Suspect on youtube.
Frontman Billie Joe hinted at new music with a few cryptic Instagram posts last week, and hearing this mash-up made me that much more excited for it.
Here's to Green Day, and the 109 movie characters that did Basket Case justice!
And to Gilman many, many, many times.
I've been for Sly and the Family Stone and Paul Simon 馃檶馃徏馃檶馃徏 They do an incredible job with the lineup.
@SPECTRA I was thinking about going!!!!! But I have plans for Friday. I have to go up to Berkley and visit Gilman. Have you ever been there???
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