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What do you think happens
In a magical girl anime what do you think happens when they transform? I mean does the bad guys just strand there and wait or does time like freeze. Please type your opinion.😊
P.S. Sorry about no images, I don't know how to put GIFS on here.πŸ˜…
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I think it all happens a lot faster than it seems like to us. like it's slowed down to show the stages of the transformation, but it happens too fast for villains to interfere with it
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I agree with @InVinsybll Kind of like Erza's requipping ability in Fairy Tail, how they show the magical girl sort of transformation, but when they show her in battle, it's instantaneous
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I've always wondered why the bad guys just sit there and wait for them. Lol. Like, that's the perfect opportunity to strike! πŸ˜„
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