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I need advice. I work at a movie theater and I like a guy that I work with. he has a girlfriend but also flirts with me.. I'm very confused. I like him a lot but I can't tell if he feels the same.. I just need advice on how to handle this. please help me..
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Hm this is a tough one. I'd personally mention or ask why he flirts with me if he has a girlfriend. Even I liked him, I'd tell him to cool it. If he does have feelings for you, I'd just wait until he is single to flirt like bunnies.
I think this guy could just be a big flirt, and I agree completely with @MaighdlinS just confront him about it. Things don't get solved by not speaking so I strongly encourage you to tell him how his actions make you feel.
Hmm well maybe you explain how he flirts? sometimes people have a very friendly personality and it comes across that way. I would also maybe talk to him about it. if it's flirting or just friendly Helpers any other ideas? @TomasOlivares @SeoInHan @KeziahWright @MaighdlinS @ThePervySage @stayposi
I have a rule that I live by and has served me well my whole life. I do not need a person in my life that can not be up front and honest with the people who trust them. Relationships change, we all know this, but anyone who can not look someone in the eye and honestly address their problems and either work to solve them or end the relationship is a coward. This applies to all genders. You deserve better then that. So if he is interested walk away until he solves his personal issues. That being said I have worked with mostly men my whole life, and agree with several of the comments above. He may just be a big harmless flirt, I deal with several daily. Call him on if it makes you uncomfortable in anyway.
@puleosamantha A lot of times, flirting is just flirting. But it is usually an indicator of interest. I can't tell you what his level of indication is. If I were you, and I've been there, I wouldn't go getting your feelings all bunched up for him. Just have fun with his flirting, and you flirting back. He's the one with a girlfriend. So if he's looking to switch ships, then let him make the move.
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