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This is pretty much the epitome of relationship struggles: not knowing where or what to eat! Drummers communicate differently though, so Charlene deGuzman and Miles Crawford share their creative talent to depict exactly what that struggle is like.
Seeing the couple use a seemingly everyday argument you might have with your SO or friend is pretty awesome. Sometimes we don't realize how sharp or heavy or staccato out words can be, until they are perfectly placed into a drum solo.

Check out this awesome video!

@felicityautmn @TessStevens @paulisadriod thought you might enjoy this. I feel like there is probably something like this out there with dancers @ButterflyBlu?
OMG I love this. So creative and accurate. Love when things like this happen. Marrying music with something so real is a great idea! Thank you for sharing this.
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I thought you might like it @TessStevens :)
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