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Scrub a dub, dub.

Ladies, do you find yourself singing Whitney Houston to the top of your lungs while standing under what you imagine to be a waterfall for nearly an hour while in the shower? Oh, maybe that's just me -- or not.
We've all stayed in the shower longer than we had planned for whatever the reason may have been -- whether we were shaving, washing our hair or just enjoying the warm water in the winter, we've all been there. You can admit it and if you don't, your water bill has all the proof necessary. If you want to accomplish all that needs to be done in the shower while cutting both your shower and water bill in half, keep scrolling to see how to take what I like to call a 'power shower'.

Cut Down On Your Hair Washing Routine

When washing and conditioning your hair, leave on your conditioner while doing everything else you have to do. You can always opt for a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. When you're done your normal shower routine all you have to do is rinse out the conditioner and you're good to go.

Time Yourself With Music

Bluetooth speakers are amazing, but bluetooth speakers that you can take in the shower are even better. All you have to do is time yourself by listening to 2-3 songs and once those songs are over, it's time to hop on out.

Shave And Moisturize All In One Step

Opt for a shaving gel instead of a shaving cream. If you happen to be shaving in the shower, shaving gels allow you a closer shave and will leave your skin super moisturized -- which means you won't necessarily have to throw on lotion afterwards unless you choose to do so.

Do you take long showers?

How do you cut down on your shower time?
not me.. I will take not more than 25 minutes in the shower
I'm probably in the shower around 5-10 min. I start with getting hair and body wet, then shampoo my hair let that stay in for a min or 2 as I wash my body and shave and then my face scrub. Then I rinse from the top- hair, face, and body and once I've got myself squeaky clean I add a dab of conditioner on my hair massage it in the lower half then rinse, shut the water off and squeeze the water out of my hair, and then towel squeeze most of the water out and bring my hair forward and brush it, I find that my hair dries quicker brushing it this way, I'll leave it down, braid it or put up in a bun馃榾
I'm the same exact way, so I totally understand. once I'm up, I'm up @EasternShell
Have to have it precise during the week because I'm on full speed the minute my eyes open @jordanhamilton.
Haha, not too much info. You're just being honest. Sounds like you have it down packed when it comes to your shower routine though. That's always good @EasternShell
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