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Jungkook has come out another English song cover and my brain and heart is just emotionally tired right now. I don't understand.....why Jungkook would want to make us feel like this. I just got over his last cover and now he decides to come out with this. He know we are still in the process of reviving ourselves from "Lost Stars".....I don't understand....All I know now is that this song is fantastic and I can't stop listening....Jungkook is going to kill me one day >_<

Have Your Heard This Song???

Tell Me What You Think About It!!!

I love it. I just wish he was fluent in speaking English. He could do a crossover. he would give Justin B a run for his money.. @JohnEvans
that moment you stop breathing (≧∇≦)
beautiful song ▶is nothing like us... is nothing like u and me...
Ah my heart I almost cried and for me that is HUGE. this kid needs to stop lol
@JohnEvans I agree like I love Jungkook's voice don't get me wrong, But he sings the most lines in their songs and Rap Mon is a rapper who can sing, I want to see Suga or J-Hope sing as well.
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