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There is no news that makes me happier than this. Finally after almost 2 months of waiting he will be back :(( SM has released official notice that Jonghyun will be joining the rest of the members in a fan event this May 26. It's even more significant for us Shawols because this is an event to celebrate our 5TH YEAR WITH THE BOYS!! I can't believe it time passes so fast don't you think? Since Jonghyun got into a car accident on April 1, he has been absence from SHINee's promotion and goodness knows how much I miss him. The other boys are doing great but without Jonghyun's voice their stage just feel so empty...
Yay I'm so happy it's just not the same without him
yup it's really so true...it's so nice he's going back to stage...being incomplete of the group makes also feels empty to all the fans who loves shinee group...
YAAAAYYYY!!! Waiting for your return next week Jonghyun. @dreamgirl is JH your favorite in shinee?