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Hello and what's up guys we're back with another SOTD (Song Of The Day) and today we must all turn our attention to Taeyang because he asks us to ONLY LOOK AT HIM <3
but what happends when a close friend of his has the same request..... Taeyang or G-Dragon what do i do!!!!! . . . I know what ......
What if we put the together... Is it okay if i look at you both... Can i look at you both maybe??
so we can try it ~(^.^)~
Good because I don't know what I'd do without either of you in my life ~(^.^)~ . . . Question: Which version do you prefer "Only Look At Me" part 1 (Taeyang) or 2 (GDragon) . . . . Have a great day guys and don't forget to #PassTheKpop
that video was pretty cool. GD does amazing as always but I still like the original with Taeyang better.
I just love how the other members play in this MV... how the girl is super lucky to cheat Taeyang with four other adorable men (GD, TOP, Dar, Seu)