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It's been seen on both Pinterest and the Today Show.

I mean, what woman can seriously resist a red lipstick? None if you ask me. Red is timeless and classy. As much as we love applying red lipstick to vamp up our sex appeal, the new trend in the world of makeup is applying red lipstick under your eyes to rid yourself of dark circles and bags. Funny enough, @amobigbang was just inquiring about how to get rid of dark circles and wham bam, I randomly stumble across this video. How ironic is that?
I know you're probably wondering, 'how in the world does red lipstick get rid of dark circles?' Well, believe it or not, when combined with a concealer on top -- the red hue of the lipstick works as a neutralizer. Don't believe? Just watch. If you have sensitive skin, this might not be the best option for you -- in case of breakouts, but it's always worth a try. It's a hit or miss, but what's the worse that can happen? Keeps rolling and find out for yourself.

What do you think?

Would you try this beauty hack?
@jordanhamilton, I totally agree with @marshalledgar. I've watched a couple of youtube videos recently regarding this hiding dark circle magic, I don't think it'll be a solution for it.. at least for me..
yes..agree with you @marshalledgar.. you will make it worst not to treat it
this might work in a pinch, but seriously, this isn't something you want to make a habit of. you want to attack and solve the problem, not mask it at every turn.
you know what you should have even had tagged me in this because you know I would have said oh hell yes this is the ultimate budget and an absolute work of art because if you think of it I'm not going to be paying $24 for a pink concealer where I can actually get a matte pink or rouge (for my complexion) lipstick place under my eye, mix it with a little bit of highlighters and you probably get the same effect just saying. whoop whoop, I gotta try this out.
I will def do so from now on :) &MistressSiren
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