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I have been jammed into yet another trash can. I stumbled upon these guys not too long ago, but didn't pay much attention to them. But today I finished my KDrama and have been living on YouTube to help stop the feelings (which is never a good idea). ANYWAE So this group JJCC caught my attention (more like Prince Mak grabbed me and shoved me into a trash can). I SHALL INTRODUCE YOU TO MY NEWEST BIAS RUINERS 馃挋
Prince Mak Age: 25 He is from Australia. His Korean isn't that good so he has Eddy translate for him.
Eddy Age: 25
SimBa Age: 23 Age: 28
San Cheong Age: 22 This cute little thing is their maknae. Also their leader.
This is a group put together by Jackie Chan. Fun fact.
So what do you think?
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Oh my gosh what have you done? I'm looking them up now..
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So... I see they got you too...
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Wait until you see the two other members. Hahahaha.
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We've been watching them for a while at my house.
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