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We all look up to our heroes.

Well, some people look up to the villains. But what's important is that we all see ourselves in our favorite characters. They inspire us to be brave, honest, and loyal. That's what makes them our heroes (or our anti-heroes, if they have a few bad days). So out of everyone in the Marvel universe: Who are you most like? And tell us why!
I'd will say for me it's The Hulk
Well I wouldn't really know but you pointed out before that I'm like Cap which I think is somewhat true. I do like for everyone to get along and if I had to choose the orders I was given or a friend in trouble I would definitely help my friend especially if anything may have done wasn't their fault. But then, it doesn't matter to me what mind of language my team mates use 馃槀馃槀 @shannonl5
@shannonl5 Lol that would make it even funnier
@MajahnNelson true, kind of makes me wonder what he's like the rest of the time. Like, maybe they're making fun of him because he's the one that's always swearing XD
@shannonl5 you're certainly thought but it was still kinda funny how they wouldn't let it go
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