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Welcome to the First SU Screenshot game!!! the rules (if you don't have a phone) to click with your left side mouse and move it to the side to see which gem you pick. Comment below to see what ya got!
you are now fused with
is your rival
became your best bud
your sparring partner
saved your life
Shared fry bits with
Wait I got Steven fused with Steven.... I should try again XD
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I'm fusing with amathyst, my rival is Garnet.... (WTF)
2 years ago·Reply
Best bud is peridot, sparing partner is steven, amathyst saved my life, shared bits with .... Jasper .... again (WTF)
2 years ago·Reply
I'm fused with Steven, my rival is Lapis Lazuli, my best bud is peridot, my sparing partner is.. pearl, rose quartz saved my life and I'm sharing fry bits with... pearl.. fml
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