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I liked the vintage feel of the crochet flower necklace. It took about 20-30 minutes to make. That includes watching a video to make a bow instead of a flower. The charm was added to the bow by pulling the tail end through it. For this piece, I used a size H crochet needle, a yarn needle, scissors, and scrap acrylic yarn.
The necklace is a crochet chain of 500 stitches. You can do less, just measure your neck. After adjusting the length of the single chain to drape the way I wanted it, I knotted the ends and added the bow. Just pinch the strands together at the tied end and wrap the tail of the bow around, then knot it. Click the hyperlinks for easy to follow tutorials and please let me know how yours turned out.
That would've been cute as well!
It was fun @jordanhamilton:) I like quick projects or they pile up. There are so many good ideas on Vingle! I could have turned the same necklace into a strappy headband with a bow.
Seems like a pretty fun and cute DIY!