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Anti-Speculation Thread: What WON'T Happen?

You read that right.

We speculate a lot here, but every once in a while someone comes up with something too outlandish. You put down your phone and say to yourself "well that will NEVER happen". I remember when I said that about Spider-Man joining the MCU. I'm happy it did actually come to pass... but just for fun tonight: Let's talk about what will never, ever happen. Uncle Ben won't come back to life. Deadpool won't make out with Spider-Man. Iron Man will never really *quit* being Iron Man (despite the end of AoU and IM3). Never gonna happen, right?

(Unless it does).

What are your anti-speculations?
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@CreeTheOtaku I'd definitely be happy if it was!
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@LAVONYORK lol same here. Yeah until they are able to get the rights to their characters back there's probably not going to be any crossovers but think about maybe 20 years from now, that would be EPIC
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@shannonl5 Nah. I don't think polyamorous love really works. It's more like whichever one of the ships that seems more likely to happen.
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@BelleofRay I know a few people IRL who seem pretty happy but I seriously doubt Disney would ok them going that route XD
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