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Chris Playing Tom Playing Chris Playing Loki playing Captain America

Say that 12 times fast. Or at all.

Wait. What???
So if you've never seen the above scene that was tragically deleted from Thor 2: The Dark World, then I am sorry because I have done you a disservice. Watch it. I'll wait.

Aren't you happy?

But wait! There's more. Why just watch that amazing scene when you can compare Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston as one plays the other playing his character playing at playing the other's character and- you know what this is really complicated let's just stare at their beautiful selves:
Got that freedom swagger.
1. Why is Chris Evans addressing his crotch?
3. Why is Chris Hemsworth acting like he doesn't notice???
Is Chris Evans addressing the crotch situation now? Because Hiddleston looks like he's denying it.

Ok but pause for a moment:

Crotch situation aside, look at that masterful shield flow Cap has going there. While Loki kind of looks like he's trying out for the ultimate frisbee team.

Does anyone else find this all ridiculously entertaining?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around who was playing who... it's like MarvelCeption up in here. XD
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