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day 15 pt 2

After the first card I just went into over imagination mode and just had super heros on my mind and this one just hit me like a brick
A spiderman/static shock cross over. I can really see these two getting along, and getting on each other's nerves. both are witty, inventive, and both have a great timing for sarcasm. not only that but they can relate to eachother as for as struggles, loss of a loved one, and keeping identity a secret from friends and family. pluse even if they knew eachothers identity it wouldn't make a difference on how cool they would be able to get along. if they did become friends they would be the super hero versions of arnold and gerald
@Jevonlowery I suggest reading Captain Criminal minds first. @shannonI5 and I wrote that together. I wrote the odd ones and she wrote the even ones. ^^
YES!! I love this crossover idea
I fully support this crossover. I will likely write a fic at some point. i know peter and static shock's buddy would be friends too. xD
I will @shannonl5
@jevonlowery you should check out her other fics too, she's a great writer ^_^
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