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now I guess if you've listened to a group it would be the first singer of the song
this is mine Nam Taehyun - I'm Young

If you make a cars tag me so I know what you got

I was listening to Zutter so am I caught with both GD AND TOP?!?!
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I woke up next to Onew, I seduced him with chicken 😈...aside from that yay, he is my bias in SHINee!!
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@EmilyPeacock maybe kai will understand @Isolate haha thats perfect 😀 @SofiaFifi Aww but Mino is hot 😎 @jessicaacosta90 does that mean you woke up naked and alone ? lol
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oh shit, I was listening to EXO, readying myself for the Chicago concert. Miracles of December was the last song I was listening to, so I'm guessing Kyungsoo. But I don't want Kai to kill me 😭😭
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