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Video games are a funny thing. Most of the people I know like to write them off a hobby for little kids that love violence and are giant buttworms. They're so quick to assume that gaming will teach you nothing and be completely unproductive in the long run. Well, non-believers/non-gamers I'm writing this to tell you that you're all a bunch of mean jerks and video games help me out a lot especially when it comes to this issue of staying focused and moving through the day.
There are three game mechanics that are used (mostly in RPGs) that help me focus on one thing at a time and not feel overwhelmed. In one way or another I've translated those things into my real life. And thinking of my life in this way helps me complete the smaller tasks that make up the bigger task of getting through the day without freaking out.

Here are 3 game mechanics that help me throughout the day.

Quest Logs/Journals

This is probably the mechanic on the list that should be the most obvious. Most, if not all, RPGs have a menu where you can look at your quests or objectives. Good RPGs let you choose from a list and let you know where you need to go and what you need to get done. This all makes sense in the world of video games but it also does in your real life.
When I get to work tired and upset that I have to life more boxes, I break up my day into different "quests" or "objectives". I make myself feel like every day of my life is another quest line I need to complete/get through. And each menial task is one more step towards completing the quest. Sure, I won't hear a little ding noise when I get experience but at least I've made my day sort of fun for myself.
By doing this, my day is automatically outlined in a way that allows me to efficiently get through the shittiest of day jobs. Okay, yeah, it's kind of dumb. But it keeps me motivated.

Skill Trees/Attribute Menus

This is a little weird because we can't look at ourselves and quantify our skills. We hardly know what we're good at unless someone is constantly telling us that we're good at a thing. But after a while, it gets a little easier to recognize your own skill without needing reinforcement from others. So, much like the thing I do with quests above, I try and figure out where my strengths and weaknesses are and how I should improve them.
I don't mean but arbitrarily adding points into a skill. But I translate that into real world terms. If I want to get better at guitar or -- if you want a terrible analogy -- put more skill points into playing guitar, I'll spend a couple hours practicing. And in my head I'll say, every two hours is another skill point. So if I keep doing this thing, I'll eventually get better at it. It's a weird way to look at life but when your mind is consumed by video games it becomes a fun way to teach yourself new things.

Inventory System

Every RPG worth its weight in gold will have a stellar inventory system. They won't let you carry an infinite amount of items. They'll make you decide on what to bring with you whenever you get ready for the next quest. This is a strangely important thing to me at any given moment. Since I normally just wear jeans and a tee-shirt in my life outside of work, any time I go out I think about the number of pockets I have and what I can put in them.
If I'm just wearing jeans, I'll have four pockets which means I should bring at most two things in my pocket so I have room for more just in case I find something I really want to put in my pocket (like a treasure map or something). I mostly only wear jackets for the extra pockets for cigarettes or packs of gum or lighters. I find that this keeps me extremely organized whenever I leave the house. It's a really weird thing to do but it'll keep you in a weird zen-like state knowing how you've organized your personal inventory like you were living in a video game.
What about you guys? Are there any game mechanics that help you frame your lives? Let me know in the comments below!
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you should play through! the feels are, as you say, the heaviest I've ever felt in a game before. the people are amazing, and the depth of choice is incredible. you can lose a lot of people in the second one. I saved everyone didn't let anyone die. because I love them all to much.
@SAMURXAI I'm not very good at games like that. I play mostly JRPG's. I'm a Final Fantasy and Tales of __ kinda girl. My boyfriend plays all the action/adventure games, and he prefers Western RPG's. I'm happy I get to watch them, though. I'd miss out on so much.
I enjoy JRPG'S very much as well. but Mass Effects game play I could see would turn you off of it. it's not very traditional RPG game play. I just got the Final Fantasy Type- O HD for the xbone, should come in today I'm excited to play
Glad you get to experience the narrative though, vicariously through your BF lol, it's the best part for sure. making your own choices though really makes the narrative more endearing
@SAMURXAI Ooh, Type-0! I haven't played it yet, but I really want to. I was sad to find out that apparently pre-ordering that game was the only way to play the demo for FF15. I miss the simple days, when a demo was on a disc, and not a download code.