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Service dog so excited to meet Pluto
Having a bad day? Long day at work? Need a reason to smile or laugh? I've got just the therapy for you. There is little in the world that is better than when an adorable service dog gets way too excited when meeting Pluto at a Disney theme park.
Watch this video. Watch it again. Smile. Repeat.
That dog is Ace, a service dog-in-training. Ace's handler, Sandy, said that they went to Disneyland for a few hours to practice socializing with humans. You can tell that Ace is still in training as he is trying to contain his excitement about Pluto while still following the commands from Sandy. But who cares if he was breaking his commands? This video is just too cute to care.
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That's just cute and amazing. Even animals can be Disney fans 😆
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tifcchjgdruvxdg immat loss of words so cute
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