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So true that's why the world is Fucked up!

anime is the best life sucks the way half people act
@OtakuDemon10 @MadLikeHatter @nobankai this is why i love anime. For moments like this were we realize weren't so different. If only the rest of the world saw eye to eye in out eyes of friendship. Thank you all for being amazing till the end
@OtakuDemon10 you right I was once a shutin but then my mom dragged me by the colar and I seen the sun for the first time in forever and I regret every last minute of it but you'd be surprised of how nice the world can be sometimes like the otaku stores and manga/anjme shops trust me you'll enjoy it.......probaly
@MadLikeHatter What's wrong with being a shut in!? The real world is scary, with its "normal" people!
awwww~ that's why I love anime they point out the good and bad things about life and if you seen the real world (and if you are a shutin then see the world) and compared it to anime you ain't going to find a person as meaninful as the hot guys in anime......yep sounds just about right
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