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I've always wanted my own theme song. Lyrics that can be associated with ME. Like Isaac Hayes and the theme for Shaft, once you've heard it you can't forget it. Positive Mental Attitude by Lady Jane's Revenge may be close to it. They sing, "Choose your dreams to be the best you can be..." Daily, I chase my dreams regardless of the ups and downs. The digital release date of 1554 is scheduled for Feb. 26, 2016. After hearing some other tracks, I can't wait. Please share what you're into. I need some new tunes.
I'm really getting into Portugal. The Man and Keaton Henson right now :D a friend of mine has been choosing a different theme song every year for a while. The most memorable one was This Time Tomorrow by the Kinks
The Kinks, yes. I am on it today. Thanks @shannonl5.
Sure thing :D