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Christina Milian is an actress and singer born in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is Cuban American.
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Let's talk about Christina Milian

- Milian has worked with the Children Uniting Nations as a big sister to foster children.
- She has been recognized with a humanitarian award at The Reign Music Awards from the Elton John AIDS Foundation for being a role model to young children.
- Milian has started writing books that target teenage girls for healthy ways of finding happiness.
I LOVE HER! Her style is awesome, and she's really really socially conscious. Go girl. This collection is amazing too. I'm learning so much.
Evey time I pass this card I think,"she's pretty. Nice makeup." I forget who she is every time. Sheesh.
She is definitely one of my favorites. Thank you for checking out my collection :) :) @TessStevens