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Hello peeps, I have always wanted to dye my hair but I never get it done as my mum always said I'm good in my super dark hair. So i need your opinion, to get my hair dye or not. And what colour to dye. P.s. my hair has been in black for 22 years XDD
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@shannon15 oh ombre ! Thanks for the brilliant idea ! its in my consideration either, finger crossed it will suit me though !
Good luck, @waanderer ! Let us know what you decide and how it works!
@waanderer Just to piggyback what @TurtleyTurtles said. Bleaching is an issue. I recommend having a hairstylist who specializes in coloring to do your hair the first time. This way you can ask a million questions. You can also have your hairstyled while you're there. I would start with a dark color like red because the color fades and depending on your in tone the fading color can make you look old, sickly, or washed out. It also depends on the way you choose to dye it, vertical chunks, highlights, or more drastic. Even if you do it yourself. I would still get professional advice. You don't want to badly damage healthy hair. I hope you'll share your new look:)
@EasternShell I agree with that. I'm over doing mine red because it's starting to make me look super pale. I'm hoping the purple doesn't do the same.
@EasternShell Thanks for sharing me so much details !! Yea I will definitely share my look with you all ^^ probably will be next month when i have more spare time to go a salon =D