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Row #1 the first 3 pictures are their tights. . and the others 3 are the original picture ok.. I gave you 3 pictures so you can make a better guess..

Row #2

Row #3

I only gave you 3 cause there not to many like and don't forget to comment what you got right or not..

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@luna1171 I've capped my list at 15.. for the sake of my sanity. I haven't really gotten into GOT7 yet so that probably plays a role in why Jackson isn't yet on the list. But I do enjoy Jackson and I know he's my GOT7 bias... and honestly, we can thank BTS for that. I'm fully aware that he's going to climb his way up. Perhaps that's why I've been keeping my distance from the group as a whole.
@Helixx ...haha.keeping your distance? but you can like both groups... look at me I am a proud IGOT7ARMYVIP. .lmaoo!!
It's not that I can't like both. I'm into multiple groups. Total VIPARMYSTARLIGHT over here. It's just for my own protection to not rush so hastily into every group out there. I take my time and let them entice me... lure me down the rabbit hole, if you will. I like to think it keeps me sane. If I keep them at arms-length then they can't destroy me until I'm ready for it.
@Helixx haaha..I totally understand believe me.. I know exactly what you mean..I can't follow all the ones I like there's too many so I only focus in the main ones I like..
I only got Jimin right lol.