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Hello Everyone, my name is Christina and just recently I just finish reading Say "I Love You" And may I say, this is a wounderful read and i enjoyed reading it
Click right here if you want to learn what the story is about and my review of the anime Other than that, lets get started.
So when I first started reading the manga I notice right away the change of the characters of how it starts off in the begining. Since I did watched the anime first, I thought the character's from the show would be the same in the manga. But I was wrong because I didn't think Yamato's friend Nakanishi was one of Mei's bully's in the begining but later on in story he becomes just like the character in the anime show :)
Of course there are scenes in the manga that aren't viewed in the anime, and it makes me sad that they didn't continue on with the story, I think that it would be good story to continue on in the anime, I don't know if you guys feel that way, but i for sure feel that way.
Now lets move onto the Characters that I love and dislike in this show. Lets start off with dislikes, theirs only one person that I dislike in the entire manga
And that goes to Kakeru Hayakawa. The only thing I like about him is that he does change later on in the chapters. But What I don't like is how he wanted Friend with Benifits basically a player in my eyes. So when ever words come out of his mouth i'm like Yamato and punch him in the face
Now for the characters i love are still Asami and Aiko. I Love how they're always there for Mei when ever she's down, they're always there for Mei. Click here for my review of the characters
Now theirs something that is still bothering me HOW THE STORY ENDS. I don't know if its from the site i was reading it off from, but i feel it jsut came to a complete stop at the end of chapter 51, I don't know if it still goes on or thats the end. If you have read Say "I Love You" and it continues on, pleas tell me the site for me to read it off of. Because for it to end where Megu goes to paris and meets the photographer and later calls him up on the offer (ends there) I have a feeling it continues on but i'm not sure if it really does.

Thats all for now folks, Thank so much for reading this card. Right now i'm in the middle of reading Soul Eater & Soul Eater NOT. So comment below if you want me to do Manga review of those series.

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There is only one site I know, Otakumole, but the problem is that it's registration is closed