how to play choose one house out of 7 then scroll down to see who you got (don't scroll down until you pick a house) tell in the comments who you got.
house 1
house 2 (sorry its blurry)
house 3
house 4
house 5
house 6
house 7
house 1 is... Jimin
house 2 is... j hope
house 3 is... rap monster
house 4 is... jin
house 5 is... V (Taehyung)
house 6 is Suga
house 7 is Jungkook
I hope you really like the game if you have any suggestions comment.
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All these mansions are so bomb and so completely out of my price range, I didn't know which to pick. But I went with 4 and Jin!!
2 years ago·Reply
Hahaha!! Those faces!
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