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Hey everyone! These are my results to a story that I was tagged in. @jessicaacosta90 It isn't her story so if you are looking for it please visit her card.
1.Oh! Yummy chocolate! I love chocolate! 2. It nice to meet you too. Welcome to the building. ^^ 3. It's good right? 4. It's okay. It just a piece. 5. O-Oh okay. Thank you for the invite. ^^
Thank you for taking me back.
You like taking the first bite huh? First the chocolate and now dinner XD
Another spoon please. Thank you ^^
Are you okay?
? They look familiar I just can't place it.
Sorry running out of cards. XD 15. Was that why you were frustrated earlier? 16. What are these? 17. ?! 18. S- Sorry.... 19. Please help out too Jun! 20. Oh that is weird. 21. (Was it because of earlier, flashback to him falling on me) 22. No problem. Don't eat everything. ^^ 23. It is getting late. I will visit again. 24. (He will probably be my bias..... I haven't picked yet but I like him the most so far. ^^)
Yeah! Can't wait to visit them again. ^^
Woooow! Chansung tho! Lol
@jessicaacosta90 I know! So far he is catching my eye the most. ^^
@loftonc16 So you don't know who they are? :O
@jessicaacosta90 I just recently like about a month ago started listening to them. I just haven't chosen a favorite out of them. XD
@loftonc16 Ah I see! Well it's pretty hard to choose Lol