I'm so sorry! I forgot to post this card and when i opened Vingle on my laptop and tried to make a draft it was there! anyway this game was made by @ashleyemmert!

The One you will be Marrying

I'll be marrying the alien!

The Best Man

......If Mark wasn't my Ub I'll agree

Your First Love

So I marry my first love? wow a dream came true I guess......

The Wedding Crasher

Oh well...Hello there yoongi

Your best friend

Aah I get it! so you're surprising me by crashing my wedding? What an awesome best friend!

Drunk the whole time

Ahh You were drunk so you thought it would be fun crashing my wedding *disappointed*

Stole a kiss from you

Yah! what do you think you're doing? trying to send me to a hospital in my wedding day?!

Tagging Vinglers~

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LOL man Yoongi must have had a hard time seeing you get married 😂😂😂
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