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SS501 Pain MV is out!!!
First things first AHHHHHHHHH !OoO! The song is addictive and amazing!!! It's so it's so my hearteu Oh My God...The members also released solo mv's...

Kim Kyu Jong - Dirty Love

Heo Young Saeng - 21GRAM

Kim Hyung Jun - Saxophone

OMO!!!!! FINALLY ANOTHER TRIPLE S! yassss im so exciteddddd i loved all their songs and im sure they will top the music charts! 😍
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@JackieG1617 Yay!!! another Triple S XD
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yassssssss!!!! O(≧▽≦)O I kept checking my notifications to see when it would drop. Missed them soo darn much!
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omg!! @BluBear07 me too 😂
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Yaaaaaay!!! I'm jumping around like crazy inside my head right now!! :-D:-D:-D
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