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First things first AHHHHHHHHH !OoO! The song is addictive and amazing!!! It's so it's so my hearteu Oh My God...The members also released solo mv's...

Kim Kyu Jong - Dirty Love

Heo Young Saeng - 21GRAM

Kim Hyung Jun - Saxophone

OMO!!!!! FINALLY ANOTHER TRIPLE S! yassss im so exciteddddd i loved all their songs and im sure they will top the music charts! 😍
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@JackieG1617 Yay!!! another Triple S XD
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yassssssss!!!! O(≧▽≦)O I kept checking my notifications to see when it would drop. Missed them soo darn much!
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omg!! @BluBear07 me too 😂
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Yaaaaaay!!! I'm jumping around like crazy inside my head right now!! :-D:-D:-D
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