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Bias Appreciation

K prepare your selfs…this going to be long…

Park Chanyeol žį¨žóī

Stage Name:¬†Chanyeol Nickname:¬†Wealthy teeth, Happy virus, King of Derps Position:¬†Main rapper, Vocalist Born:¬†November 27th, 1992 Zodiac:¬†Sagittarius Personality:¬†Bright, Positive, Romantic Family:¬†Father, Mother, older sister (3 years) Height:¬†185cm (6' 1") Blood Type:¬†A Education:¬†Hyundai Chungun High School Super Power (Badge):¬†Flame (Phoenix) Habit:¬†Following the rhythm of a song with his hands ¬įvary talented in Rapping, singing, beatboxing, and the drums ¬įKnown as the ‚ÄúHappy Virus‚ÄĚ and with good reason ¬įIs always cheerful and bright ¬įDoing crazy things at all moments sometimes w/ hes partner in crime, Baekhyun ¬įIs often found w/ his "deep squad" which consists of his alien friends Baekhyun, D.O, & sometimes Sehun ¬įHe is the president of HunHan & Baekyeol ships. Sailing his own ship. "Baekhyun and I, love each other." Fan: "It's Baekhyun's birthday soon, what should I get him?"¬† Chanyeol: "He likes me, so if you give me to him, he'll be very happy." Shouting "Hunhan!" when¬†Sehun¬†and Luhan¬†get close to each other.

But most if all I especially love he's smiles ‚ą©__‚ą©

The little ones
The handsome ones
The sexy smiles/smirks
And most of all I love his big goofy laughing smiles
So you pretty must nailed almost all of the reasons that he is my #2. He is just too precious. @AlexisRiver
chanyeol!!!!!!! thanks @Tigerlily84 lol lucky me he's #1