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So there's so many anime lovers out there and even some who are famous! Even being famous they still are not afraid to show/tell it! You'll be surprised by this list so keep reading! Then tell me if you know of any other stars who love anime!

(This list is in no specific order!)

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Dylan and Cole Sprouse (aka Zack and Cody! We all know these 2 twins from the sweet life of Zack and Cody but what you probably don't know is that they're anime fans! In fact they mentioned they love to watch Naruto!!!

Kanye West

We all know Kanye from his music to some of his comedian jokes! Unexpectedly Kanye is a fan of Anime big time! He has no specific anime but has an unexpected wide range of lived anime! I fact some of his music was inspired by anime!

Zac Efron

Zac??? He definably doesn't look the type to watch anime let alone what to make a love film based off of the Anime death note! Yes , that's correct he is a huge Death Note fan! He was even working on a Death Note Movie with him playing as Light! Unfortunately I believe that idea failed...

Megan Fox

That's right She's an anime fan as well!!! She's mentioned before that she loves and has watched cowboy bebop and inuyasha!!!

Avril Lavigne

Yes Avril is a One piece Fan!!! She may not look it but she is!! She even tweeted about going to go see the one piece film Z movie!!

Here are just a few more anime loving stars!!! Do you guys know of any more???

Tagging a few who may be interested to know: @InVinsybll @hikaymm @SantaraJones @LuffyNewman @BlackoutZJ

Kanye West "Yo, naruto, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but goku had one of the best power ups of all time! One of the best power ups of all time!
wow I new the others, but I didn't know Megan Fox was a fan.....nice information
I have a Megan fox pin up tattoo!!!! And I did know she loved cowboy bebop haha but inuyasha I don't remember that. Looks like having her tattooed on me along with like dozens of other anime character tattoos works perfect!! Gonna have my whole body covered literally a suit of anime besides Megan fox. Only pin up that'll be human haha. This is awesome. One of my first posts was a pic of Zach n Cody where it says "why can't u just understand I'm happy being alone" while holding a computer and the meme says when people keep bothering you when your trying to watch anime lol. And come to find out they're anime fans lol. Life is too coincidental. All the more reason ANIME IS LIFE!! @tayhar18920 awesome post NAKAMA sorry took me a while to see this.
...please no live action of death note with Zac effron cause I wouldn't take him seriously
and let's not forget Taylor Swift "I got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name"
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