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With both Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week behind us, one of (the many) trends seen on the runway is the Straight Hair Look!
This is something you can perfect now in time for Spring and Summer, which is just around the corner!
Take a look at how Eman straightens her hair using tips from hair professionals. These tips will help you tackle the most stubborn hair to get them expertly straight!
Now don't get it twisted ladies; this doesn't mean that non-straight hair is out of fashion or anything. LOL Take this as a nod to something that's really hot right now from the runway (and will be) this Spring and Summer seasons.
Let me know what you think!
I only like curly hair coz i already have super straight hair.
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curly is great too. @humairaa it's always nice to have options
2 years ago·Reply
I like it.
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