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White People had many reactions to Beyoncé's new song...LOL.
Beyoncé has recently dropped her newest single, "Formation" which is what white people on the internet are calling her "most black song ever". It's something completely different from Beyoncé's traditionally very bubbly yet sexual pop songs. Formation tackles black heritage, the Black Panthers, New Orleans, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, the Illuminati, and even stigmas that follow her own family. Despite her huge progress in accurately representing current issues within the American black population, white people have been going crazy online.
Saturday Night Live depicts a hilarious reaction to Beyoncé's new song using a lot of the reactions of white people anyone can find online. They're so accurate because white person after white person has been showing their disliking towards the song. A lot of their dismay is ignorance, an immersion not dominated by everyday white culture, and social issues they can't relate to. Being white myself, I'll admit that the video did come as a huge surprise to me because it's something she's never done before and that's why it makes me respect the song that much more.
Race is such a tricky topic in the United States. The SNL skit should not be considered offensive because it's a very accurate representation of how white people reacted online. One must also realize that SNL is parodies and comedy, something that people should expect when they watch their content. Lastly, "I got hot sauce in my bag, swag," is the catchiest one liner of all time.
Do you like Beyoncé's new song "Formation"?
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Beyonce is racist. She obviously does not like Caucasians. I have no respect for her.