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So here's the thing people.
The "Cronut" has officially been dethroned!
Try the new #CinnamonRollDonut that's trending so hard right now, it's about to break the internet!

What is it?

It's a bloated glazed doughnut that, when broken open (with your teeth or fingers), unveils the most sumptuous spiral blitz of cinnamon and sugar glop you have ever encountered!
You know you want some!
Anybody care to join me and scour the San Fernando Valley TONIGHT to track these down?! lolol
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this some fat shit.. wtf America.
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@marshalledgar never heard of it before??? what is it???
2 years ago·Reply
@2Distracted It's a SIMPLE game. But you need a BIG GROUP of people. At least 6-8 people. More is better. Everyone gets a sheet of paper. Make sure EVERYONE is STANDING around a table--no sitting allowed. Get 1 die and WITHOUT STOPPING Every person takes a turn rolling the die. You need a 3 or a 6, which allows you to take/steal/grab/snatch/yank/pull a pen from the center of the table and quickly, as fast as you can, write numerically 1, 2, 3...all the way to 100. Now, while you are busy writing, everyone else continues, without stopping, the rolling of the die. The next person who rolls a 3 or a 6 steals the pen from you and they begin writing...If you're lucky to get the pen again, you simply pick up where you left off. First person to 100 wins. That's the standard version. When I play, it's house rules with plenty of alcohol. it includes a skip a turn, reverse, and a designated number, (like the number 1) where, whoever rolls it hits a bell. That's when everyone takes a shot of vodka/whiskey/whatever and the game immediately continues. Expect A LOT of screaming, shouting, chaos, bruises, stabbings (blood sometimes) and too much fun!!!!!!!!!! Another game I like to play is Arabic Old Maid. It's only called that because I played it with a group of friends who were mostly Arab. That game is hysterical and will make you puke! hahaha
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@marshalledgar OMGosh that sounds like it could be a ton of fun esp with some add on rule. A long time ago some freinds of mine an ex turned the game life into a mob version complete with,hit men,murder, prison racketeering and lots of drug dealing . At the time we were all completely obsessed with The HBO Series Sopranos so that might have been a catalyst. I'm going to have to try that game with my friend for sure. thanks for tip!
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wow. life just got jacked up!!! @2distracted lol
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