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1. Selena Gomez 2. Miley Cyrus 3. Taylor Swift 4. Hayden Panttiere 5. Nicki Minaj 6. Chris Brown 7. Emma Rossum
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@blairwitme yes! noticed that too! but Miley seems to be the new fashion risk taker!
5 years ago·Reply
@blairwithme @shoenami @kristenadams but still......she scares me HAHAHAHAHAHHA when i see her music videos...sometimes im surprised of how big her eyes can get
5 years ago·Reply
@miranpark88 lol! sometimes i feel that! and she can get so intimidating too even Mariah Carey serms scared of her in American idol! lol
5 years ago·Reply
@shoenami LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i wonder how must it feel like to be that close up...great point @miranpark88
5 years ago·Reply
@kristenadams well, being that close to Nicki is one thing, but imagine her threatening to shoot you! now that's creepy! lol we have that video here somewhere..
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