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The Rams are in a pivotal place in their franchise history.
The team has been a bottom tier team for the past 10 years. Looking for a fresh start the team has decided to leave St. Louis and re-locate the team back to Los Angeles.
While the Rams have a solid defense and running game, their passing game is in shambles. Could Robert Griffin be the man to lead them back to the top?
The Rams have made it clear they want to be a run-centric offense with a passing game that can complement with play action passes and deep shots.
That means a lot of bootlegs and deep shots down the field. In order for this to work, you need a quarterback that is mobile and has a arm. RG3 fits both of those needs. His only issue was staying healthy, but with a solid running game, you can minimize the hits he would take by proper play calling.

Are the Rams the perfect fit for RG3?

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@shagnasty360 I think this situation could be a bit different as the Rams have a much more dynamic defense and running game than at Washington
With that being said, that playoff game crushed his confidence for quite sometime lol
@evanyanetti so you think his career is over? No team will ever give him a chance to start again?
@christianmordi no I'm saying he will only get a chance to start on a team that has a lot of improving to do
@evanyannetti he could start on the Texans.. They don't have a lot of work to do, but they do need a quarterback badly.. They won the division this year and have a stellar defense