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With Kirk Cousins in line for a hefty pay day due to his solid play this year, money could be tight in Washington.
As a result of the new contract of Cousins, Washington will be looking to cut corners. Wideouts Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson will make close to 20 million dollars this upcoming season.
Will the team part ways with D-Jax or Garcon?
While Jackson was hampered with injuries for the majority of last year, when he played he was extremely effective.
He's one of the best long-ball receivers in the NFL because of his speed and ability to track the ball. His speed adds a dimension to the Redskins' offense that they would sorely miss. The crop of wideouts that are available in this upcoming free agent is mid-level at best, so why let him go?

What do you think? Should the Redskins Get Rid Of DeSean Jackson?

I think they ought to keep him. If they are axing a receiver, it should be Garcon. Garcon caught only 249 more yards than Jackson last year despite playing in 6 more games.
@KyleBerek Agreed. They definitely need to keep him!