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It may come to a surprise to you guys, but I love the show Golden Girls.
I mean, I just can't get enough of the show. The solid cast, steady storyline and clever wit of the fantastic four the starred in the show made this show must-see tv for years.
Outside of Cheers, I can't think of another theme song that any American from any walk of life know by heart. I mean, who hasn't belted out "Thank you for being a friend," at some point in their life. If you are one of the sad few who hasn't throw on that theme song, sing along and watch how it changes your day.
Anyway, today I saw a clever remake of the song on YouTube that's going viral. I know I'm not alone in my love of the Golden Girls, so I felt obligated to share.
The guy you see above goes by the name of Finally Aaron.
A could months ago, he delivered a 15 second gospel mesh of the Golden Girls theme song, that went viral. Since then, fans across the globe have hit him day and night for an extended version.. and boy did he deliver.
This was AMAZING. I mean, this went from passionate to hilarious at an unreal rate. I mean, its not everyday you see someone let loose a gospel version of the Golden Girls theme song. Even more, you surely have never seen someone rip their wig off at the end in a moment of passion.
Hit the video above and thank me later.
@easternshell if Fred Hammond came out I would've been CRYING lol
this made my day
@christianmordi I really don't know many that didn't like this show guys and girls which speaks volumes about the show since it is about a bunch of older ladies!!! I like to hear when even guys like this show. That's also why 5he video was awesome!!! No shame in lovin the golden ladies!!!
@2Distracted I thought it was pretty cool too.. Loved Golden Girls also, perfect show selection for this clip
I was waiting for Fred Hammond to come out. It was great.
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